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Dec 28, 2021

Prosperity! Jiangsu Qinxin environmental protection equipment hair Hunan Zhuzhou Chaling County key project, delivery site direct!

Since the establishment of Jiangsu Qinxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., the production plant is a busy scene, busy orders, busy production, busy shipping scene everywhere!  


November 19, 2021 at the delivery site, transportation logistics vehicles busy, one by one slowly drove out, a "Qin Xin manufacturing" of high quality equipment, is running to Hunan Zhuzhou Chaling county......  


As early as this September, jiangsu Qinxin Environmental Protection Company workers actively adjusted the production plan in the face of the equipment demand of 10 sets of 404 model cascade screw sludge dehydrator and 20 sets of 120T solid-liquid separator for key projects in Hunan Province.  In order to ensure that the products can arrive at the project site quickly and on time, dozens of qinxin employees rush to work, stick to the production line with full passion, work overtime to rush production, and go all out to meet the order demand of Hunan Zhuzhou project!  


Through the unremitting efforts of Qin Xin people, qin Xin environmental protection finally achieved pleasing equipment output.  At present, 10 sets of 404 type stacked screw sludge dehydrator and 20 sets of 120T solid-liquid separator have arrived at the project site of Hunan Zhuzhou Project.  Qinxin environmental protection has also created a reputation of fast production speed, high equipment efficiency and strong business capability in the industry.  


With the increasing orders, qinxin stacked screw sludge dehydrator, integrated frequency conversion dosing device, water-cut wedge solid-liquid separator, micro-filter solid-liquid separator and other production tasks are being carried out in an orderly manner, setting off a new round of production boom.  Qinxin environmental protection staff will be more passionate fighting spirit and enthusiasm, work together, strive to create a good vision of "thoughtful service, outstanding quality" and continue to struggle!  

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